mental training with music

The examples of mental training presented here can be very helpful if you use them as described. However, they are not a substitute for the work of a coach or a therapist.

You should only train with m4b if you can concentrate on yourself and have no other responsibilities such as driving a car, operating machines or looking after others.

Approach dental treatment in a relaxed manner

Reduce fear at the dentist

Treatments at the dentist are probably one of the less popular events. In Germany, 19% of patients are even afraid every time they visit the dentist (Statista, seen here). After enduring the treatment despite all the stress...

Process stressful experiences

Relieve occurrences

Sometimes we experience situations that keep us stressed for a long time and even rob us of sleep. The associated negative feelings (maybe anger, shame, helplessness, fear) determine your thoughts.
You may want to be able to...

Stop nail-biting

Overcome habit or compulsion

The hands and mouth are stress valves. Therefore smoking, snacking, and also nail-biting have a brief calming effect. This reward effect increases the ability to repeat and maintain this behavior. Nail-biting occurs quite...

Eat healthier

Choose the right foods

Everyone knows that eating is vital. We need food to maintain our body functions and to produce energy for our activities. Also, eating is an important factor for a good lifestyle: it is nice — especially in pleasant company...

Penalty kicks

Perform penalty kicks more safely

Penalties in footbal (soccer), seven meters in handball, free throws in basketball and similar tasks in other sports require not only technical skills but also mental strength. It can be crucial what runs through the...

Complete uncomfortable tasks

Do what needs to be done

There is always something to do that just has to be done. There are often tasks that are not fun, uncomfortable or disagreeable: tidying up, filing, logs, difficult discussions with certain people, tax returns, documentation,...

Emotions Scale

Use the subjective bipolar scale for mental training

In mental training, we can notice the effects achieved. Stress and well-being can be differentiated with the help of this scale. Of course, this is not an exact measurement but a subjective classification...

On stage

Overcome stage fright and discomfort at performances

Making an announcement, giving a speech, moderating something, presenting something, giving a lecture, giving a concert as a singer or a musician — that is a difficult challenge for many. Some people...