mental training with music

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The brain-stimulating effect of m4b music is generated by targeted left-right impulses. Headphones (or earbuds) ensure a clear separation of the stereo channels. Ordinary listening will remove the desired effect because both ears will perceive both speakers.

The effect of this quiet music unfolds quite fast. During the first (2-3) minutes, it helps the user level up to a medium excitation amount (arousal). Both halves of the brain are stimulated and harmonized with each other.

So the brain can deal with problems, experiences, challenges and all the connected emotions much easier.

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Short instruction

Start the music and listen with headphones, breathe quietly.

For 2-3 minutes think of something neutral or watch something.

Then think about the current problem or tackle it directly while the music continues to play.

Try to recall your emotions associated with the situation.

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