mental training with music

The examples of mental training presented here can be very helpful if you use them as described. However, they are not a substitute for the work of a coach or a therapist.

You should only train with m4b if you can concentrate on yourself and have no other responsibilities such as driving a car, operating machines or looking after others.

Emotions Scale

Use the subjective bipolar scale for mental training

In mental training, we can notice the effects achieved. Stress and well-being can be differentiated with the help of this scale. Of course, this is not an exact measurement but a subjective classification of one's feelings.

Not what we experience, but how we feel, what we experience, makes up our destiny

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Mental training with the emotion scale

Scales of this type are often used in coaching and therapy and have proven helpful. The 0 marks a neutral feeling, -10 stands for the greatest possible stress (unbearable) and the (+)10 for the greatest possible well-being (wonderful, extremely pleasant). Blocking emotions are classified in the negative range of the scale - otherwise, there would be no stress and mental training would not be necessary. The aim of the training here is to get as close as possible to the assessment '0'. In this case, the stress was neutralized, so to speak. Even -1 is already a result of successful stress reduction. The positive side of the scale marks, 'negative' stress.

When it comes to stress management, it can sometimes make sense to reach the positive area, that would be a deliberate individual decision.


— A teacher has trouble acting in front of the class, and his goal is to get beyond stress management so that he can feel good in front of the class. So he wants to head for the lower positive area.

— If someone has emotional stress with wasps, they probably want to get rid of them and not associate a positive feeling with wasps — so the target would be -1 or 0.

During the training, you can re-evaluate the current scale value and possibly notice progress.