mental training with music

The examples of mental training presented here can be very helpful if you use them as described. However, they are not a substitute for the work of a coach or a therapist.

You should only train with m4b if you can concentrate on yourself and have no other responsibilities such as driving a car, operating machines or looking after others.

Eat healthier

Choose the right foods

Everyone knows that eating is vital. We need food to maintain our body functions and to produce energy for our activities. Also, eating is an important factor for a good lifestyle: it is nice — especially in pleasant company — it is an enjoyment that is perceived by all the senses. Some things taste delicious, others less so; it depends on our individual experiences and habits. Especially with processed products, the food industry has found ways of conveying certain experiences and serving certain habits. It starts with baby food. The manufacturers know effective settings for food products that most of us find 'tasty'. Sugar, fat, and salt are probably the most important ones. A look at the ingredients of your favorite frozen pizza could be daunting — but it's eaten all the same. It miraculously gives us the impression that unhealthy things taste particularly good and that, in the end, one can become either athletic or fat as an unsuspecting eater. Healthy eating, on the other hand, is wrongly attached to the judgment that it does not taste good. But it protects against diseases and is often a better medicine than pills or a knife. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to change the eating behavior with pure willpower cause it is driven by the subconscious mind.

The m4b tracks can help you reorder your favorite foods, have different experiences, and establish healthier habits.

Many things influence a person's eating habits. Knowledge of what is considered healthy and what is not would be one, but I doubt it would make it to the top of the list. 

(Chuck Norris)

Mental training: Choose healthy foods

Maybe you already have a certain nutritional concept in mind (low carb, vegetarian, vegan, raw food …) or maybe you want to stay more flexible and just eat healthier things. In any case, you can prepare for the training by making a negative-positive spreadsheet of food items (chocolate bar, ready-made meal pack, zucchini, pumpkin ...). You will find a suggestion for such a list here. In one column, you write down the (rather unhealthy) things that you have eaten so far but now want to avoid. In the other one place the (rather healthy) ones that you want to eat more often. You can certainly accommodate a lot here, but a limited list is sufficient — just take the most important ones (for your intention).

Start the music, listen to it through headphones or earbuds, and spend two to three minutes doing other things. That could be some light automated work, a look out of the window, or anything neutral. Then make yourself comfortable and close your eyes while the music continues. Imagine one after the other all the foods that you remember from the negative side. If you have it in front of your inner eyes, remove the color of everyone. Then push it away from you so that it gets smaller. When you're done with it, run all your little black and white pictures like a slide show or presentation. After a few runs, start working with the positive items. Make the colors of every picture even brighter and place it on a huge cinema screen. Then you watch this slide show a few times. In further runs, you look at the two different shows one after the other.

When you repeat the training, you can insert other (inner) images, e.g. more from your list or brand new ones.

Observe your taste change as you eat after training. What is it like when you enjoy healthy food? Soon you will be looking forward to eating wholesome and you will enjoy it more and more.